Four coverage options that your home insurance policy should include

You will want your home insurance policy to include all the types of coverage that you need. Protect your Palm Coast, FL home with a policy from All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School. 

The following are four coverage options that your home insurance policy should include. 

Coverage for personal property

Any home insurance policy should include some coverage for personal property.

You should always add on to the personal property coverage offered in a basic policy. Increasing your personal property coverage maximums is especially important if you own particularly valuable jewelry or electronic equipment. 

Coverage for liability expenses

You should also add on to the liability coverage that your home insurance policy offers. As a homeowner, you could face a lawsuit if an accident happens on your property. Adding extra liability coverage helps ensure that you’re prepared for this possibility. 

Coverage for damage caused by sewer and drain backup

Sewer and drain backup can cause extensive damage in a home. Fortunately, home insurance providers typically offer sewer and drain backup coverage. However, you might have to add this type of coverage to your policy as an endorsement since it doesn’t always come with a standard home insurance policy. 

Coverage for outbuildings

If you have outbuildings like a detached garage or shed on your property, you should ensure that these outbuildings are covered. Discuss outbuilding coverage with a home insurance company representative to ensure these structures are covered. 

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