Flood Insurance Coverage: What are Your Options?

Florida homeowners are well aware of the damage that flooding can cause. Whether you live close to the coastline or inland, there’s a risk of flooding from tropical storms and hurricanes. As standard home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, we recommend you purchase flood insurance. We offer the following flood insurance options at All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School in Palm Coast, FL.

Options for Flood Coverage

No doubt, your Palm Coast home, and its contents are of great value to you. Both could suffer tremendous losses due to flooding. It doesn’t take much flood water to destroy a home or its contents. Flood insurance provides the financial means to help you recuperate your losses. Flood policies offer two kinds of coverage: building and contents. 

  • Building – Building coverage protects your home structure. It covers foundation walls, flooring, staircases, plumbing and electrical systems, water heaters, kitchen appliances, permanent cabinets, paneling, well water tanks, fuel tanks, and more.  
  • Contents – Contents coverage protects all personal belongings, including clothing, furniture, artwork, electronics, window ACs, kitchenware, rugs, curtains, and other valuables.

Who Can Benefit from Flood Coverage

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, or renter, you can avail yourself of flood insurance’s protection. You can purchase building or contents coverage separately if you only want one or the other or together as a package.  

The amount of coverage you purchase depends on the value of your property. The maximum limit for building coverage, however, is $250,000. The maximum limit of contents coverage is $100,000. Flood coverage can save you from financial ruin if caught in this disaster.

To purchase a flood policy for your Palm Coast, FL home, business, or rental property, contact an All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School agent today.