Safe Driving Tips for Long Distance Travels

Are you planning on taking a long-distance road trip with your family? Whether cruising the Florida coastline or traveling out of state, these driving tips from All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School in Palm Coast, FL can help you reach your destination safely.

Plan Your Routes

Plan your routes, fuel stops, rest stops, and driving times in advance to avoid problems with low gas, heavy traffic, or drowsy driving. Take frequent breaks to refresh yourself so you don’t get fatigued or sleepy in the middle of your travels. Keep a map by your side, even if you have GPS, to avoid getting lost.

Rest Before Traveling

Driving long distances can take a toll on your body. Start your journey fresh by getting sufficient sleep the night before you travel.

Stay Alert/Avoid Distractions

Stay alert and focus on your driving. If you plan on listening to music or a podcast, set it up before hitting the road so you don’t have to adjust your stereo or smartphone in the middle of traffic. Set your kids up with snacks and diversions so they don’t distract you on the highway. If your phone rings, let your spouse answer it!

Bring Plenty of Water & Snacks

Have plenty of cold water and healthy snacks within reach, so no one goes hungry on the road. Stay hydrated to avoid getting sick or drowsy.

Obey Speed Signs

Obey the speed limit as much as possible to avoid accidents. Use extra care when driving in rainy weather, around residential areas, or when there’s construction on the road.

Review Your Auto Insurance

Review your auto insurance before taking off on your road trip to ensure you’re protected against any eventuality. For quality auto insurance coverage at affordable costs, contact All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School in Palm Coast, FL.