Who Is at Risk for Flooding?

According to state law, Flood insurance is not required for all Palm Coast, FL residents; however, your mortgage lender will mandate coverage if your property is in an area prone to flooding. This is especially true if they are a government-backed institution. It’s important to remember that 20% of claims are related to homes for which flood insurance was not considered necessary by banks.

Flood zones are those determined by the maps produced by FEMA and reviewed every five years for updates. These designations can change, so staying abreast of labels is important. 

Also, it’s important to consider your region’s history. Floods have a way of seeming less urgent if you personally have not witnessed or experienced them. Headlines from long ago may seem challenging to view as pertinent to the modern era. These, however, are clues that what has been very likely will be again. 

Some areas are now affected by climate change and are experiencing warmer temperatures. This causes more severe flooding when they occur and increases their frequency. Your All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School representative can locate your Palm Coast, FL property on the FEMA map to determine where it falls in terms of risk.

Urban flooding can be an issue, especially as infrastructure fails to be maintained, and runoff can accumulate in the streets, entering buildings and domiciles. Hundred-year floods have a 1% chance of occurring in any given year. These are warnings to take seriously, as — although rare — these events are severe and can cause significant property damage. 

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