What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance is necessary, but understanding your coverage can be confusing. Coverage varies from policy to policy, but the basics remain the same. All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School offers home insurance for Palm Coast, FL residents. 

Property Coverage

The most obvious coverage provided by home insurance is the home itself. Home insurance covers the interior and exterior of your home. Most policies also provide coverage for freestanding structures on your property, like a shed or workshop. The structure of your home is covered for damage from fire, theft, storms, and more. Floods, earthquakes, and damage due to negligence or poor maintenance are usually not covered under a basic homeowner’s policy. 

Personal Belongings Coverage

Your homeowner’s policy also covers your belongings. The coverage limit for belongings is typically 50-70% of the coverage limit for the home itself, but you’ll need to check your policy for specific coverage limits. If your valuables exceed the coverage limit, you can purchase a rider or separate policy for adequate coverage. 

Liability Coverage

Your homeowner’s policy also covers liability. If someone is injured on your property, your homeowner’s policy will cover the expenses. Intentional damage or injury is not covered. For example, if a neighbor is visiting and accidentally falls down the stairs, your policy would cover the claim. If they were pushed down the stairs, this would not be covered. Most policies also cover damage to other’s property. 

Additional Living Expenses Coverage

Many policies also provide additional living expenses coverage. If you have to move out of your home while it’s being repaired, your policy will pay your living expenses. This includes rent or hotel and food expenses. 

Homeowner’s Insurance at All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School

Your home is likely the biggest investment you’ll ever make, so it’s important to know it’s properly protected. If you need homeowner’s insurance in Palm Coast, FL, contact us at All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School.