Flooding in Palm Coast, FL: Securing Your Home with the Right Insurance

The good folks at All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School know how many issues unexpected flooding can cause for residents of the Palm Coast, FL region. That’s why we are here to provide local homeowners with all the tools they need to remain protected at all times. To learn more about the most common flood insurance myths and why they are untrue, look closely at this helpful guide.

Only High-Risk Residents Need Flood Insurance

Nothing could be further from the truth, actually. Flooding is indiscriminate, and there is no reason for a Palm Coast, FL homeowner to avoid this reality. It is always wise to assess individual risk, but this does not mean that flood insurance should be neglected entirely. Do not make the mistake of assuming that your flood risk is negligible just because you glanced at a map once or twice.

Flood Insurance Is Not Available In My Region

On the other hand, several potential clients may believe flood insurance is unavailable because their risk level is too high. This is not a real concern, though. If you reside in a high-risk area, you should move as quickly as possible. Flood insurance may need up to 30 days to become valid after purchase, so do not make the mistake of waiting too long.

Flood Insurance Is Already Included In My Homeowners’ Policy

This is also patently false. Your homeowners’ policy is not going to be of use to you if your residence experiences flood damage. Do not make these types of assumptions. A flood insurance policy will always be purchased separately from your homeowners’ policy.

Do you have any additional questions about a potential flood insurance policy? If so, All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School is on hand to assist you. Please take a moment to contact our team of professionals so that we can walk you through each step of the process.