Your Car in Palm Coast, FL was Totaled, Now What?

In Palm Coast, FL, when someone says their car was totaled, it means it’s been damaged beyond repair. When true, that means the vehicle has suffered a total loss. Your coverage through All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School or another auto insurance service can help, but only if you have the right coverage to deal with a total loss.

What Is a Total Loss in Florida?

Florida’s law states that if repairing or rebuilding your car exceeds 80% of the cost of replacing it with a similar one, it is considered a total loss. Similarly, if the vehicle has a level of damage that makes it unsafe to drive or irretrievably undrivable, even after potential repairs, it’s a total loss.

What Type of Auto Insurance Covers a Total Loss in Florida?

Comprehensive and collision coverage helps to compensate you for a total loss. If the damage comes from an accident with another vehicle or object, then collision insurance helps to pay for the damage or replacement.

If the damage came from something other than a collision, then comprehensive insurance helps pay for it. Gap insurance can also help if you’re still leasing or financing your car.

What You Should Do If You Think Your Car is a Total Loss in Florida?

If you’re in an accident of any type, make sure you take care of yourself or others involved first. You should start your claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. If you discover that your vehicle is beyond repair, immediately inform your insurance company to handle the situation effectively.

You can still collaborate with your insurer to find a solution, even with inadequate coverage. If you want to learn more about comprehensive, collision, gap, and related auto insurance options in Palm Coast, FL, contact us at All Counties Insurance Agency & Traffic School right now.